Tom Brady 'Drunk': QB Might Not Have Actually Been Intoxicated in Viral Video

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady sparked several comments on Wednesday after a video showed him appearing to stumble away from the Super Bowl LV victory boat parade. Many fans — and even SNL — said that Brady was drunk, but Barstool Sports provided a different outlook. The outlet said during a recent podcast that the seven-time Super Bowl champion was actually sober.

The conversation took place during an episode of KFC Radio. The hosts discussed the moment from the victory parade and expressed varying opinions about whether Brady had ingested a lot of alcohol during his time on the boat. The hosts couldn't fully agree, leading to one declaring that he had some inside information. The man said that he had reached out to a "source" close to Brady and had an answer.

"How about this? I texted our guy who knows Tom Brady," one of the hosts said. "Said, 'what do you think about your boy being drunk?' He says, 'I don't think he's drunk.'" This comment prompted an outburst from another of the hosts. Though the "insider" continued with further explanation. "He says, 'I'm in a debate, but honestly, I don't think he is. I think that dude is grabbing him.'"

The "dude" referenced in the discussion is third-string quarterback Ryan Griffin. Many fans and analysts identified him while repeatedly watching Brady stumble off his way toward tight end Cameron Brate. The group stopped next to the man who caught the Lombardi Trophy in the infamous boat pass and discussed the importance of this reception.

"He just texted me," the host said about his source close to Brady. "'I just confirmed with everyone on that boat. He's not drunk. I would bet my mother's life on it.'" The hosts did not identify the source, but they called him to further discuss the matter.


The source said that he doesn't know why Brady was in Griffin's arms, only guessing that he was probably just going along with the attempted steering. The source expressed the opinion that Brady didn't push Griffin away because he was "just so happy" about winning the Super Bowl. "He was on cloud nine," the source said.

Brady, for his part, did respond to the video. He retweeted it while saying that there was "nothing to see here." The quarterback wrote in a font featuring a mixture of capital and lower-case letters to further showcase his "drunkenness." Brady just said that he had a "little avocado tequila."