Tom Brady Blasts NFL Team That Lost Interest in Him, Calls out Starting Quarterback

Tom Brady has a big issue with one NFL team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback appears on a new episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted on HBO and said something about an NFL team that has fan buzzing. In the promo for the episode, Brady talks about how one NFL team decided not to sign him last year during free agency, leading him to call out the starting quarterback.

"One of the teams, they weren't interested at the very end. I was thinking, you're sticking with that motherf–?" Brady asked as all the people in the barbershop were laughing. This has led to many speculating which team lost interest in Brady who has won seven Super Bowls in his career. When it comes down to it, everything worked out for Brady as he led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory.

As mentioned by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Brady wanted to sign with the San Francisco 49ers last year. Does this mean Brady was calling out Jimmy Garoppolo who was a teammate of Brady's when they were members of the New England Patriots? Odds are we'll never know, but it will be something reporters will ask Brady when he reports to training camp next month.

But one of the big things for Brady moving forward is how long will he play in the NFL? The 43-year old recently talked to USA Today about playing another seven years. "50? That's a long time. Even for me, that's a long time," Brady said. "I've always said 45 was the age that I wanted to reach and that was my goal.


"This year I'll be 44, so next year I'll be 45. I got a two-year contract. I'm going to be able to obviously play this year and God forbid anything happens but play next year and then see what happens after that. If I still want to keep playing, I might be able to do that. And if that's enough, then that would be enough."