'Today' Host Hoda Kotb Is Pumped After LSU Defeats Alabama: 'This New Orleans Girl Is Bursting'

Hoda Kotb, the co-host of the NBC morning show Today, was very happy about the outcome of the "Game of the Century" between Alabama vs. LSU. In one of the more exciting college football games of the year, LSU took down Alabama 46-41 and with Kotb being from New Orleans, she was excited about LSU earning the upset over the Crimson Tide. Kotb went to Instagram to express send a message to the Tigers.

"Gooo [LSU] !!!!!!! What an incredible win. This New Orleans girl is bursting!" Kotb wrote on Instagram. Her fans also seemed to love the fact that LSU won on Saturday night as they flooded her comments section.

One fan wrote, "Whoever isn't falling in love with Coach (Ed Orgeron) in this moment isn't human." Another fan wrote, "Fireworks are going off like NY's eve!" And another fan wrote, "This Auburn girl is mighty happy too!! Great game LSU!!"

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LSU entered the game as the No. 1 team in the country, so they continue their pace to reach the College Football Playoff. After the game, Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron said his team have "arrived" after earning the big win.

"Yep. We are there tonight, for sure. Now, we have to see where this leads us. We took a big step with beating Alabama, obviously. I knew we were the better team. I didn't think they would out-physical us. We could handle them physically. They made some plays, we made some plays, and I think we are right there where we need to be," he said to reporters according to 247Sports.

Orgeron went on to say what he was going to do after the win.

"It's never going to be about me. I am so happy for that team and the coaching staff, and the state of Louisiana. Hell, I might have to go to the 7-11 now and get me a Monster or Red Bull. They tell me 'Coach O, you have to beat (Alabama)'. I will tell them I beat them. Watch the game (laughter)."


Kotb is happy Orgeron and the Tigers got the win, but Alabama fans are blaming President Donald Trump for the loss. He was at the game and he received a standing ovation when he was announced. But that love went away real quick after the Crimson Tide were handed its first loss of the year.