Tim Tebow Benches Massive Dumbbells During Quarantine Workout

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow turned heads during his time with the New York Jets by running shirtless in the rain. He received joking comments from his teammates but some bystanders were impressed with his physique. Now Tebow has shown how he is keeping fit during self-quarantine while using some massive dumbbells.

The current New York Mets minor league player posted a series of videos on his Instagram account recently with the goal of providing information for his fans. He, like many other athletes, is stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak and is unable to work on his craft. Tebow is instead trying to maintain his strength while also potentially gaining more during downtime. He's also seeking to help inspire others to keep working on their fitness while self-quarantining.

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"Just wanted to share this workout. I know so many of the gyms are closed right now, but I thought this push/pull could still be valuable," Tebow wrote in the caption of his post. "One of my next goals is to share a workout you guys can do at home." He also listed the workouts and reps, which included dumbbell bench press, neutral grip pull-downs, and bent over rows.

"140# flat dumbbell press?!!!! I was proud when I got to 80# [laughing face emoji]. I want your garage. Hahaha. Thanks for the post Tim! I'll be trying this," one user wrote on Instagram. Others expressed their gratitude for the post and said that they would be attempting to do this workout at their house in the coming days. Although one individual, E! host Jason Kennedy, said that he needed to finish his burrito first.

What drew the most attention during this workout is that Tebow was using some heavier weights during his various workouts. He grabbed 140-pound dumbbells for the bench press, 110-pound dumbbells for the bent-over rows and 115-pound dumbbells on the incline bench press. The lightest he went in the series of videos was 60 pounds, which he used for Bent-over Dumbbell Elbowing Rows. This particular exercise requires bringing the elbow up by the ear.


Many residents at home may not have the exact same equipment as Tebow considering that his garage is full of workout equipment, but he will be taking that into account in the future. He specifically chose a list of exercises and reps that only require a set or two of dumbbells, which can be acquired in a variety of stores. Whether this strategy holds true with his future workout videos remains to be seen, but Tebow wants to help his fans focus on remaining healthy while staying in self-quarantine.

(Photo Credit: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)