Tiger Woods Update: Speculators Weigh Chances of Masters Champions Dinner Appearance

It's been six weeks since Tiger Woods was involved in a single-car accident that took him straight to the hospital needing surgery. With Masters Week now in play, there's a lot of question surrounding whether one of the most notable golfers in the game will be attending The Master's Champions Dinner, which is set to take place Tuesday evening. While only time will tell if he plans on attending, Bill Mallon, a former PGA Tour player who is now the Associate Consulting Professor of Orthopaedics at Duke University, broke down his theory on whether he thinks Woods will be there or not.

In a 17-tweet thread, Mallon starts his thought by stating what happened to Woods and breaks down what phase he should be in in the healing process. "Tuesday is the night of the Champions Dinner at Augusta National," he tweeted. "Will Tiger Woods be there? What is his status since his automobile accident on 24 February? 1/n." His next tweet read, "It's actually a decent time to look at the status of his recovery since Wednesday, 7 April, will be 6 weeks since his accident, which is an important landmark to orthopaedists. 2/n."

He continued to point out that the six week and three months mark are big ones to pay attention to in that world of orthopaedics. "We often talk about 6 weeks and 3 months as 2 landmark dates in orthopaedic healing. By 6 weeks things are usually healing well — soft tissues are healing and the fractures are not fully healed, but by then they have become what we call 'sticky' 3/n." Mallon then detailed Woods' injuries and what all that entails in the process of getting back to a healthy state. He doesn't feel there's been any complications when it comes to infections, "If Tiger had developed an infection we would have heard about it because he would have been taken back to the operating room to clean out the infection."


All-in-all, there's no real way to determine whether he'll be in attendance, but according to Mallon, although we haven't heard much from Woods or his team on the status of his recovery, that can be a good thing because if something were to go awry, more than likely fans would have heard about something by now. It all depends on where the pro-golfer is at when it comes to his weight-bearing process, although he feels he should be at "full-weight-bearing at 6 weeks."