Tiger Woods Gives Discouraging Update on Returning to Golf Full Time

Tiger Woods is not happy with the progression of his recovery from a car crash he was in nearly a year ago. The golf superstar spoke to reporters at a news conference for the Genesis Invitational, which benefits his foundation. Woods said he'll be back on the PGA Tour but doesn't know when. 

"I wish I could tell you when I'm playing again," Woods said, per ESPN.  "I want to know, but I don't. My golf activity has been very limited. I can chip and putt really well and hit short irons very well, but I haven't done any long stuff seriously. I'm still working." Woods went on to reveal the issue he is dealing with when it comes to his injuries. 

"I'm still working on the walking part," Woods stated. "My foot was a little messed up there about a year ago, so the walking part is something that I'm still working on, working on strength and development in that. It takes time. What's frustrating is it's not at my timetable. I want to be at a certain place, but I'm not. I've just got to continue working. I'm getting better, yes. But as I said, not at the speed and rate that I would like. You add in the age factor, too. You just don't quite heal as fast, which is frustrating."  

Woods was involved in a single-car crash on Feb. 23, 2021, outside the Los Angeles area. He was driving an SUV and crossed two oncoming lanes before hitting a curb and uprooted a tree on a downhill stretch in Rollins Hills Estates. After officers found him in the SUV, Woods was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He had multiple injuries to his right leg, and there was a chance to could have been amputated. In December, Woods played in a 36-hole scramble event with his son Charlie. 

"I can still play, but I'm in a cart," Woods said. "Being a weekend warrior is easy; that's not that hard. Hit your ball, hop in a cart, ride, barely step out of the cart, grab your club and hit the next one. And the longest walk you have is probably from, what, the cart to the green and back.