'The Masters': Bryson DeChambeau Falls Ill, Gets Tested for COVID-19

Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau barely reached the final two rounds of the 2020 Masters after what he called "silly mistakes." He also dealt with a health scare. DeChambeau began feeling dizzy and underwent COVID-19 testing to ensure that he could continue with the competition.

According to MSN, DeChambeau entered the final men's major full of confidence. He expected finishing under the 72-stroke par, but he reached the halfway point at 10 over. Additionally, DeChambeau said that he began feeling dizzy on Thursday night. The issue continued into Friday, prompting him and his team to all get tested. The tests came back negative, but the golfer said that he still feels less than 100%.

"I was feeling a little weird on Thursday night, came out yesterday and was fine for the most part, but, as I kept going through the round, I started getting a little dizzy. I don't know what was going on, a little something weird," DeChambeau said. "So I got checked for COVID last night, and I was fine nothing. It was negative. I had to do my due diligence. I made sure everybody on my team was negative as well, and they confirmed that.

"So it wasn't that. It's no respiratory anything," he continued. "It's more of just very dizzy, and I've got a pain in my stomach, so I don't know. Just some weird stuff going on. These past couple days, I've felt really, really odd and just not 100%."

Early on in the competition, DeChambeau dealt with several issues on the course. He registered a double-bogey 7 at the 13th hole, lost the bole on another and then finished with a triple bogey during the second round. DeChambeau attributed some of his struggles to silly mistakes while also mentioned his health issues.


"Some of that's played into it," DeChambeau said. "I just feel kind of dull and numb out there, just not fully aware of everything, and making some silly, silly mistakes for sure. Every time I'd bend over and come back up, I'd like, lose my stance a little bit. So I don't know what's going on.

"I've got to go and do some blood work and get checked out and figure out what's going on for this offseason. I'm not good, unfortunately. But it is what it is. I don't know what it is. There's like something in my stomach that's just not doing well."