Texas Coach Tom Herman Apologizes for Flipping Double-Birds on Live TV

University of Texas football head coach Tom Herman issued an apology for flipping double-birds on live TV during National Signing Day this week. There was a camera inside where the coaches were discussing the signing class and the Longhorn Network did a live look-in. Herman, who was unaware the meeting room was being shown live, decided to make the obscene gesture in front of the camera.

"Obviously before we start, I do want to apologize for something that ended up on live television this morning," Herman said per 247Sports. "We were joking, quite frankly, about my first experience riding into the Cotton Bowl Stadium on the bus and the warm welcome you receive in the Red River game. I think I told you guys as well. When it occurred, I honestly had no idea -- I wasn't aware that the camera in the room was on live television. It certainly had nothing to do with Longhorn Network, signing day or anything. Again, regardless, it was poor judgment on my part and I do apologize for that."

Other than the mistake Herman made, it was a good week for him and the Longhorns. According to the outlet, Texas has the ninth-best recruiting class and they could get more talent in the very near future. And with the team finishing with 7-5 record in 2019, it's likely the young players will contribute right away.

"I don't know that there's one, but I know, you know, the position of need certainly we're going to need to replace out two great receivers we'll be losing to graduation," Herman said. "Obviously, if one of these guys can come in at the skill positions and help us at the back end or even at linebacker, I think it would be definitely needed."

Herman continued: "We had a bump in the road this year. "We had a very young, very injured team. But what you tell them is that position coaches want to be coordinators and coordinators want to be head coaches. And to think that you're going to play for the same position coach or coordinator for your entire college career, that's pretty rare these days.


Texas has a rich history of winning. The Longhorns have won four national titles 32 conference titles and they had two players win the Heisman trophy.