Texans QB Deshaun Watson Credits Popeyes Chicken for Healed Eye

In recent months, there has been a raging debate about whether Chick-fil-A or Popeye's provides a [...]

In recent months, there has been a raging debate about whether Chick-fil-A or Popeye's provides a better chicken sandwich. This fight has been very tense, both in person and on social media, but Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson may have settled the debate. Sunday afternoon, he revealed that eating at Popeye's helped his eye heal after getting kicked in the face.

"The eye is great," Watson said in response to questions about his health. "I'll tell you the key. The key was the Popeye's spicy chicken sandwiches that I ate this week. That helped the eye."

In week 8, Watson threw a game-winning pass against the Oakland Raiders late in the fourth quarter. However, he actually achieved this with both of his eyes closed. He had been accidentally kicked in the eye by defensive end Arden Key and was forced to throw the pass to tight end with Darren Fells with his eyes shut. There were obvious concerns about Watson being able to play in London after suffering the injury, but he had no issues and led the team to victory.

Leading into week 9's battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars, there were questions about whether or not Watson would don a visor for the first time this season to avoid any further damage to his eyeball. He wore one during pregame warmups but ultimately removed it before kickoff.

Despite the concerns, the Texans QB had no issues leading his team to a decisive 26-3 victory during the franchise's first-ever game in London. He threw for 201 yards, completed 78.6 percent of his passes, and found both DeAndre Hopkins and Fells for touchdowns. He also added another 37 yards on the ground.

His stat line could have been better, but the Texans dealt with some ill-timed drops and routes cut short by the backup receivers. Watson also had a touchdown run taken away after the referees decided that he didn't get the football inside the pylon while hurdling a defender.

Considering that Watson is viewed as the NFL's version of Michael Jordan, it's guaranteed that his plug for the chicken sandwiches will turn the tide in the great chicken war of 2019. Football fans wanting to become superstars or simply heal the common cold might now flock to their local restaurants in an effort to gain the extra edge.

Watson, on the other hand, will enjoy a bye week and a lead in the AFC South. Sitting at 6-3, the Texans are now in prime position to make a late-season run and secure a spot in the playoffs. He just needs to eat some more Popeye's and prepare for some tough matchups with the Indianapolis Colts, the Baltimore Ravens, and the New England Patriots.

(Photo Credit: Jack Thomas/Getty)