Super Bowl Streaker Crashed Strip Club Stage After the Game

Yuri Andrade, the man who ran out on the field during the Super Bowl this past Sunday, was seen at a strip club in Tampa, Florida, shortly after being released from custody. The 31-year old went to the Penthouse Club and went on stage and began throwing money. He then jumped on the pole and attempted to make a few moves before security rushed in and apprehended him. The Penthouse posted a video of Andrade dancing shortly after the incident.

Andrade, from Boca Raton, ran out on the field during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. He was wearing a pink thong bathing suit with black shorts and had to pay a $500 bond after being arrested on a trespassing charge. However, Andrade claims he won $374,000 for betting that someone would streak during the game.

Yesterday's Super Bowl streaker bet $50k on a prop bet at +750 that there would be a streaker at the [Super Bowl]," SportsBetExpert wrote on social media. "Cost him $500 to get out of jail, so he cleared $374k on the bet!" Andrade confirmed the story on his own Instagram page, reposting and commenting, "Dudes are good at math." Andrade's swimsuit featured the name of an adult website run by his friend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

"We've tried the Super Bowl four times - well, he's tried the Super Bowl four times - and I told him that if he bought me tickets, that I could guarantee him that I would streak on the field for him," Andrade told NBC 6 when talking about the incident. "Before you know it, I saw a couple of security guards coming. I got around him, and one guy grabbed me, and I did a spin move on him and just kept sprinting for the goal line. Since Kansas City couldn't get in the goal line, I think I had to."


Some fans may say that Andrade's stunt was the most exciting part of the game. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that was predicted to be a classic. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has now won seven Super Bowls, with his first six coming as a New England Patriots member. The Buccaneers have now won two Super Bowls, claiming their first title in 2002.