Super Bowl 2021: Tiki Barber Opens up About His Pre-Game Show, Makes Prediction on Chiefs vs. Buccaneers (Exclusive)

Tiki Barber has big plans for the Super Bowl, which can be seen for free on the CBS Sports Network. On Sunday, the former New York Giants running back will be part of a panel for a Super Bowl pre-game that also features his twin brother, Ronde Barber, TV personality Montel Williams, WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil and UFC Hall of Famer and pro wrestling star Ken Shamrock, among others. The event will air live starting at 1 p.m. ET on the social media platform Tsū, and Barber revealed what to expect from the show.

"We're not going to be showing highlights and deeply analyzing," Barber said exclusively in our PopCulture @ Home series. "It will be more of a fan conversation. What do you love about sports? Let's talk about some of these stories behind some of these players." Barber goes on to mention everything Tom Brady has done this season and his career. He also mentioned that Brady is only two years younger than him and he's still playing.

"That's what we're going to hit," Barber said when talking about the interesting conversations surrounding the game while also mentioning "the cookouts, the consumption of beverages, the betting and the boxes and all that stuff that happens." Tsū, a platform that Barber explains can make users money from their content, will stream the event. Barber is an ambassador for Tsū and started doing live shows five months ago with various guests.

"What Tsū realizes is that not only can there be static content, but there can be live content that's engaging around the biggest events in this country and in this world," Barber said. "We all know that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the world. Tsū decided to produce a pre-game show along with Amazon Interactive Video Services will be able to stream this. It's going to be exciting and a unique way to prepare yourself for the biggest games."

As for the game itself, the Chiefs are listed as the favorite with Patrick Mahomes being favored to win the Super Bowl MVP award. Barber didn't give his pick on who will win the Super Bowl, but he expects the game will be something NFL fans will remember for a very long time.


"Both of these defenses are good, but they're not great," Barber said. "I think we are going to see a lot of offense. The Bucs are opportunistic but they can be had, especially with a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes. ... I see this game as a high-scoring affair, and maybe like when Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes met in the AFC Championship game where it came down to who got the ball first in overtime."