Super Bowl 2020: Man Goes Viral After Falling Asleep in the Stadium

Millions of people may have been glued to their TVs Sunday night to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers battle it out in Super Bowl 2020, but one fan with a seat inside Hard Rock Stadium, where tickets cost an average of $7,000, according to the Daily Mail, thought it was the perfect time to catch a few z's. In a now-viral video shared by Sporting News Deputy Editor Karisa Maxwell, a man can be seen peacefully sleeping as the game rages on, prompting the hashtag "Super Bowl Snoozer" to make the rounds on social media.

"How could someone sleep at the most iconic events?" asked one viewer. "The Super Bowl was a must watch!"

"Wow, How can he sleep with all that noise," tweeted someone else. "He's got several seats for himself back there. He need a blanket."

"I wonder if he purchased the other two seats for comfort during his slumber?" asked another person.

"Now I feel less guilty when I fall asleep at the during a film at the movie theater," wrote a fourth.

"My man just wanted some time away from his kids," joked another.

The video even drew some jokes from the official Twitter accounts of brands, with Sleep Number joking that, "even we know this isn't a time to be sleeping…"

"*when you just coached four junior basketball games, put away holiday decorations, made a Walmart run and then remembered you bought a ticket to the Big Game,*" the official Walmart Twitter account wrote.

An hour later and seemingly unaware of his online stardom as the "Super Bowl Snoozer," Maxwell reported that the man had woken up.

She later tweeted that "his friend is currently showing him the video. The whole section knows."


It's unclear just how much of the game he missed, though he seemed to be awake before Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wowed viewers with their impressive halftime show performance, which included renditions of "Wherever, Whenever," "Hips Don't Lie," "Jenny From the Block," "Let's Get Loud," and others.