Super Bowl 2020: Eric Trump Snaps Photo Before Game, and Fans Have Words

Just ahead of kickoff at the 2020 Super Bowl, Eric Trump snapped a photo that he shared to Twitter, and fans have some words about it. In the photo, Trump is posed in a skybox with his wife and Trump Campaign manager Brad Parscale, with both men donning red "Keep America Great" hats. The post has been getting a lot of comments, with one person tweeting back, "How much is THAT costing USA Taxpayers???? USA Taxpayers have to pay for @EricTrump and wife and Trump's campaign manager to go to Super Bowl and stay in Suite. Or is it campaign finance violations???"

"Have fun! You're helping to keep America great and we so appreciate you," another user said, while someone else wrote, "Enjoy the game on the Taxpayers."

"Go niners!!! Didn't care before but that lunkhead #BradParscale changed my mind," another user wrote.

"Enjoy! I think I've been in that box before. When I worked at Mar A Lago I got to go to a game once on Trump. Was great," somebody else said.

"Nice! Where can I order a KAG hat SIGNED by your dad? I want one! Enjoy the game!" another user wrote, to which one person replied, "Lev Parnas house most likely."

Trump's father, United States President Donald Trump, is currently in the middle of his Senate impeachment trial.

This has caused a lot of chatter on social media as well, with one Twitter user recently saying, "After weeks of GOP Senators saying impeachment shouldn't be used as a political weapon, Joni Ernst says they will do just that if Joe Biden wins the presidency. Yet ANOTHER crystal clear reason why the GOP hypocrites MUST be defeated in November."


"[Donald Trump]'s impeachment isn't legitimate. He didn't get any of his witnesses in the House. So therefore, it's like he's never been impeached at all! #IllegitimateImpeachment," another person commented.

"If [Donald Trump wins the #2020election Dems will start impeachment proceedings on Trump for bribing the American people with his highly successful policies. Quid pro quo. Dems: The American voters shall not interfere with the elections this time!" one last user said.