'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to Appear on 'Raw' at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 9

WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is returning to Monday Night Raw. On Monday, the WWE announced Austin will be Sept. 9 edition of Monday Night Raw which will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This is the first time the show will take place at the historic venue since 2009.

"'Stone Cold' Steve Austin will be on hand to raise some hell when Monday Night Raw comes to New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Sept. 9," the statement said.

Austin has been appearing on WWE television more frequently lately and that's never a bad thing. The former WWE champion was on Raw was back in mid-July for the Raw Reunion as he closed out the show. He was then on the show earlier this month to give his thoughts on Seth Rollins defeating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

"Here's the thing, he asked himself via ComicBook.com, 'Is it worth this, week after week, getting my ass handed to me?' And he answered the question. He said 'This is all that I am, this is all that I've got. This is all I am, this is all I got.' That's exactly what I believed my whole damn career," Austin said at the time. 'So I've always wondered exactly what Seth Rollins really is, who Seth Rollins is when he says 'Seth Freakin Rollins.' Now I know who and what he is.

"The man is committed to being the best in the world," Austin. "And when you believe like that, you can do anything. That's what impressed me."

Austin also shared his thoughts on Kevin Owens since he's using his finishing move, the stunner.

“I would give it a B+,” Austin said of Owens’ use via The Wrap. “I’m a huge K.O. fan, but I’ve seen a couple of the deliveries that have been a little off.”

Austin continued and said Owens can get an "A" if he continues to work on it.


"He’s timing it up and he’s coming up — he’s got a little bit of a different finesse to it than I did,” Austin said. “But I soon think he’ll achieve A to A+ status if practice makes perfect, and they gotta let him turn that thing loose.”

Austin retired from wrestling in 2002 due to a neck injury he suffered in 1997. When he was healthy, Austin was the top superstar in the WWE, winning the championship six times. He and Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” had a long feud that lasted until Austin left and those two helped WWE win the Monday night battle against WCW who had the show Monday Nitro.