See UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic in His Browns Suit Jacket

When the Cleveland Browns host the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night, they will do so in front of a [...]

When the Cleveland Browns host the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night, they will do so in front of a fired-up home crowd at FirstEnergy Stadium. This team is full of potential after shutting down the Jets in week two, and the fans are ready for a big performance. Fortunately, there will be another star in Stipe Miocic to provide some extra energy.

Sunday afternoon, the UFC Heavyweight Champion posted a video on Twitter showing that he is ready for this critical Sunday night matchup on NBC.

Miocic was decked out in Browns gear, including a hat, a suit jacket, and a tie. He was in full team regalia and was even chanting, "here we go, Brownies, here we go!"

It's understandable that Miocic is this fired up for the heavyweight battle with the defending NFC Champions. After all, this is a special night for the Cleveland Browns. They will be inducting linebacker Clay Matthews into the team's Ring of Honor while his son Clay Matthews Jr. watches in a Rams uniform.

Along with the special ceremony involving the former Browns star, this is also a momentous night that marks a turn in public perception. This is the first time that the Browns have played on Sunday night in 11 years. NBC relies on marquee matchups to finish off the day of football, and previous Cleveland teams have failed to meet the criteria.

However, the situation has changed. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has fired up this fanbase, and has since been surrounded with talented playmakers. Between receivers in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr., Mayfield has one of the more talented duos at his disposal. In addition, he can also get the ball to running back Nick Chubb, who has become a true workhorse in this backfield.

With the plethora of weapons on offense, as well as a rising defense led by pass rusher Myles Garrett, there is no surprise that Stipe Miocic is excited about this upcoming game. He is a diehard Cleveland fan, as evidenced by his outfit, and loves seeing the Brownies find success.

Unlike previous Browns teams, this is one that has become known for its personality. The Twitter account is dropping videos that reference Friends and the star quarterback is cruising around Berea with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It's a very good time to root for the Browns, and Miocic is enjoying every single second.