Rob Gronkowski Spikes Huge Steve Harvey LEGO Bust Into the Ground on New Year's Eve Special, and the TV Host in Not Happy

With the decade coming to a close, FOX needed a dynamic team to ring in the new year on Tuesday night. Comedian Steve Harvey and former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski were given this assignment, but the end result was unexpected. Gronk even appeared to "anger" Harvey during a late-night gag.

The joke in question happened with 16:50 remaining until midnight struck and the new year officially started. The former NFL tight end was discussing the joy that is scoring a touchdown and doing the "Gronk Spike" when he stopped mid-sentence and began to pick up the LEGO recreation of Harvey.

"This is called a LEGO Harvey Gronk Spike," Gronkowski said as he picked up the display and began dancing around. He finished by smashing the bust into the ground, breaking it into hundreds of pieces.

"Are you serious?" Harvey asked while staring at the pile of building blocks on the ground. "I don't wanna work with him no more. Why is he here? Why are you here?"

As the longtime comedian and TV host continued to say that it's really hard to find brown LEGO blocks in order to recreate his face. He then described Gronkowski as mentally imbalanced, which many fans on social media viewed as further evidence that this was just a joke. Some even described the interaction as "cringey."

However, not everyone viewed this gag as a joke. There were many that took the interaction at face value and truly believed that Harvey was incredibly angry with Gronkowski for destroying his LEGO likeness. Although opinions remained split well into the new year.

"GRONK singlehandedly destroyed Steve Harvey's ego/ night and I'm all here for that. how can anyone hate gronk, the @patriots future hall of famer!" one fan wrote on Twitter. Another said that Harvey was enraged but couldn't show his true anger due to a producer in his earpiece.


Whether or not Gronkowski made Harvey angry with his Gronk Spike, there was no lack of comments about the former tight end and his foray into co-hosting a New Year's Eve event. Having him dressed as an old-time football player, complete with a leather helmet, even drew more attention as fans tried to figure out his mindset entering the evening.

(Photo Credit: Manny Carabel/FilmMagic/Getty)