Steelers' Fan Robert Downey Jr. Sends DT Cam Heyward an Infinity Gauntlet

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, securing the first-ever 9-0 [...]

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, securing the first-ever 9-0 start in franchise history. Before the game, defensive tackle Cam Heyward received a message and a promise from a superhero. Robert Downey Jr., a fan of the Pittsburgh team, told Heyward to beat the Bengals and said that he would send him his version of the Infinity Gauntlet.

The big defensive tackle posted a video on Instagram that showed him and his new gift. "Guess what?" he asked before panning the camera to show the lit-up gauntlet. The red Iron Man version of the Infinity Gauntlet featured all five Infinity Stones, as well as a message from Downey. The actor autographed the gauntlet and referred to Heyward as Iron Head once again. "It finally came! Oh, snap. And it's all mine!" the Steelers player continued.

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"Thank you so much, Robert Downey Jr.," Heyward said in the video. "You didn't have to do this. I really appreciate it. This is awesome. … This is in great hands. Now I need to get my own gauntlet and get to work. I appreciate you being a fan. Glad we were able to pick up the W."

Downey previously sent Hayward a video that showed him wearing the Steelers' jersey. He called for the defender to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals and continue the undefeated season. He also promised to send Heyward the gift and then followed through, which capped off a successful weekend for the Steelers. Downey did so with the help of Jack Lambert's cousin, Jimmy Rich, and talent manager Brad Lambert.

"Mr. Heyward, Cam. It's about freaking time, buddy," Downey said. "I did not know that this was a game jersey. Let's go for 9-0. I know that it can seem like a bit of a trap game... And I believe that Ironhead is going to need an Iron hand so this is coming your way, brother. Thank you, love you, go Steelers, numero uno for freaking ever. Boom boom."

Heyward and the Steelers defense found considerable success against an overmatched Bengals team. They held rookie quarterback Joe Burrow in check, only allowing one touchdown. The defense also piled up five sacks en route to a 36-10 victory.

Now that the division foe is no longer an issue, the Steelers will move forward and face another rookie. The Jacksonville Jaguars are next on the schedule, but starting quarterback Gardner Minshew will not play. In his place will be rookie Jake Luton, a sixth-round pick out of Oregon State. Reaching 10-0 is very likely.