'SNL' Knocks Tom Brady's Losing Streak, NFL's Kneeling Controversy

SNL is a show that has always been known for tapping into what's trending, whether it's political commentary or jokes about sports. The show recently touched on both topics in one skit when they referenced both Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady in the same skit. They even talked about some of the political issues swirling in the country.

These jokes came as part of the American Households Cold Open skit that started Saturday's show. Various families around the country praying prior to a meal. While politics and religion were definitely the focus of the skit, the NFL was also mentioned by two of the families.

"Thank you for no more kneeling in the NFL," Beck Bennett's character said in reference to Kaepernick and many of the peaceful protests that have taken place in recent years. "That was very hard for me."

Kenan Thompson's character said in his own prayer: "Thank you, Lord, for the not one, not two, but three black quarterbacks that have beat Tom Brady this season. Colin Kaepernick works in mysterious ways."

The aforementioned Kaepernick is the one player that first drew criticism from President Donald Trump and others when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice. Many other players in recent years have followed his lead and kneeled during the anthem, but the protests are still primarily tied to Kaepernick.

The other three players that Thompson referenced were Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. All three quarterbacks were expected to lose to Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, but they took care of business during critical matchups.

Mahomes, in particular, had two opportunities to defeat the New England Patriots during his first full season as a starter. He lost 43-40 during the regular season and then 37-31 during the AFC Championship game. However, he got revenge in 2019 with 23-16 victory.

Jackson, on the other hand, had never faced off with Brady during his young career, but he became the first quarterback under the age of 25 to defeat the Patriots since 2000. The previous 20 had failed to achieve this goal.


The Texans faced off with the Patriots three times during Watson's first three seasons, with Brady taking care of business during the first two meetings. In 2019, however, Watson threw three touchdowns and caught another during a trick play to deliver a 28-22 victory. For that, Thompson's character on SNL is very grateful.

(Photo Credit: Bobby Ellis/Getty)