Shaun White Takes Part in Epic Winter Photoshoot With a Cat

Olympian Shaun White has been enjoying snowy destinations lately during a trip that has taken him to several destinations. He tried to recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing with actress Nina Dobrev and then hit the slopes for some snowboarding. Now White has taken part in an epic winter photoshoot featuring him and a cat. Although he didn't clarify if the photo actually took place during this recent trip.

White posted two photos that showed him out in a wintery landscape. He crouched down in the snow for one shot while the cat walked toward the camera. The second photo featured the back of White's head as he held the feline in his arms. It stared at the camera while looking over his shoulder.

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"Here.... kitty kitty !!" White wrote in the caption of his post. Several people saw the photos and responded with excitement. One person called it "the hardest album cover" in reference to White's musical career. Others tried to determine what breed of cat was featured in the post.

Some fans asked if the feline was a Norwegian Forest Cat, a particularly large breed that has become popular in recent years. White did not provide the answer, but a few people noticed that this Instagram post was not the first time that the cat has appeared on the snowboarder's timeline. He previously turned heads in January 2020 with another series of photos featuring the cat.

As White explained in the caption of a previous post, he was missing all of his friends from CMH Bobbie Burns, a remote ski lodge near Calgary. He said that he was particularly missing "this guy" in reference to the cat from a series of photos. White showed the companion perched on his shoulders in two photos before holding it in his arms once again.


While White has continued to follow social distancing guidelines like people all around the world, he has found ways to spice up his time. He has tried out a new hairstyle, taken part in some socially-distanced skateboarding and played board games while wearing unique outfits. He even learned how to play a song by The Darkness on his guitar.

Every time that he has posted photos, the fans have reacted in a number of ways. Some have taken part in debates about masks and their effectiveness while others have said that they approved of the blonde hair. The latest post featuring the cat simply prompted comments about the photos being "adorable."