Shannon Sharpe Fires Back at Antonio Brown With Restraining Order Case Details

Mere days after calling out former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown for 'dry [...]

Mere days after calling out former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown for "dry snitching," Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe wants to provide some context about accusations from his past. This was made necessary when Brown went on a Twitter rant Sunday morning, posting screenshots of news stories about sexual assault allegations against Sharpe and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Originally, using the term "dry snitching" made it appear that Sharpe was accidentally admitting guilt in a way, but he is making it very clear that he maintains his innocence in the 2010 allegations. In fact, he even posted a screenshot from a 2017 news story.

Sharpe's point? His situation is nowhere near that of Brown, so the free-agent wide receiver should not be trying to compare the different allegations on social media.

The story in question was originally posted back in 2017 by the Daily Voice. In the article, it was explained that Michele Bundy-Evans, a woman who filed a restraining order against Sharpe, had been captured in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey on an outstanding warrant stemming from a first-degree arson charge in which she allegedly set fire to a residence in Atlanta-area DeKalb County.

Regardless of the years-old arson case from years past, what matters in this online dispute with Brown is that Sharpe's accuser had reportedly actually been the one stalking him. He wanted Brown to know that those allegations of sexual assault were proven false. Additionally, Bundy-Evans had been taken in for a psychiatric evaluation.

This detail is critical in the dispute considering that Brown's deleted tweet about Sharpe pointed out that he had been accused of sexual assault back in 2010, still co-hosting Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

"Shannon Sharpe the funny guy on tv still after this," Brown wrote on Twitter before ultimately deleting the post.

While this latest volley of information by Sharpe should put an end to the debate between him and Brown, it's unlikely that this story is over. The Hall of Fame tight end has been critical of Brown in the past, and he will likely continue to do so as more headlines become public. Of course, the biggest question is "will the former Patriots receiver respond?"