Shannon Sharpe Calls out Antonio Brown for 'Dry Snitching'

Sunday morning, the newly-unemployed Antonio Brown voiced his frustrations at his situation with a series of tweets that targeted Robert Kraft and the Patriots, Ben Roethlisberger, and NFL owners. He also threw some shade at sports analyst Shannon Sharpe. Brown later deleted the tweets, but the damage had been done. Sharpe, in particular, became aware of the attacks on his character, and responded with a message of his own.

Sunday afternoon, Sharpe posted a photo on Twitter that showed Brown's face with photoshopped details to make him look like rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who has been in the news lately for "snitching" on members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang.

In the caption, Sharpe wrote that "CLOWNTONIO 6ix9ine out here dry snitching on everyone."

The reason that Sharpe was upset with Brown is that the former Patriots receiver was actually dredging up his past. In one of his since-deleted tweets, Brown included a CBS News story that revealed Sharpe was stepping away from his analyst gig at CBS Sports amid sexual assault allegations. As Brown wrote, "Shannon Sharpe the funny guy on tv still after this."

While Sharpe certainly made his point with the Sunday post on Twitter, there was a small detail that he should have considered. Technically, saying that Brown is dry snitching actually implies a level of guilt on Shannon's part. Katie Nolan of ESPN initially pointed this out when she retweeted the photo and wrote, "ok but wouldn’t this imply....." Does this mean that Sharpe is admitting to the charges that were filed against him back in 2010? That is unlikely, but the manner in which he posted about Brown could imply this.

Of course, this digital interaction is not the first for these two former NFL stars. Sharpe also sent out a series of tweets on Friday in which he called for the "AB Apologists" to stop making excuses for Brown. His point is that no one forced Brown to miss meetings in Pittsburgh or orchestrate his release from Oakland.


To further his point, Sharpe also revisited the video in which Antonio Brown celebrated his release from the Raiders. He wanted to know if 1.9 million people were still applauding what he described as "clownish behavior."

While the meaning behind the dry snitching comment wasn't explicitly clear on Sunday morning, he will be given the opportunity to provide further clarification on Monday. As the co-host of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, there is no doubt that the Hall of Fame tight end will be discussing this matter at length.