Scott Steiner Hospitalized After Collapsing Backstage at IMPACT Event

Wrestling fans are currently concerned about Scott Steiner, the legendary wrestler who was [...]

Wrestling fans are currently concerned about Scott Steiner, the legendary wrestler who was involved in a scary situation following IMPACT's event in Atlanta on Friday. According to, Steiner was reportedly rushed to the hospital after he collapsed in the locker room following the Friday night event. Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp reported that the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion collapsed while he was working on some pre-recorded interviews.

While Steiner's medical emergency gave fans a scare, IMPACT representative Scott D'Amore said that the wrestler is doing alright following the incident. On Twitter, D'Amore released a statement in which he said that Steiner, who is also called "Big Poppa Pump," is doing alright and that the wrestler's family "is grateful for everybody's concern and support."

In addition to D'Amore's statement, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer also took to Twitter to share an update about Steiner. According to Dreamer, he was at the hospital with the wrestler and the former WWE Superstar was doing well after the scare.

Following the news that Steiner was doing alright after being rushed to the hospital, many fans on Twitter expressed their joy over hearing the positive update.

"Thank you so much for the update @THETOMMYDREAMER. Lots of misinformation going around at a time like this so I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm happy you provided a positive update. Thanks again," one fan wrote.

"A legend! Thanks for the updates Tommy. Just woke up to this news in the U.K. and thoughts are with you all," another fan wrote in response to Dreamer's tweet.

"Great to hear, @ScottDAmore. He is truly one of a kind & a special legend in this sport," a fan wrote in response to D'Amore's update. "God bless @ScottSteiner & his family & prayers for a speedy recovery."

Steiner has been involved in the wrestling world for about four decades. When he first got his start, Steiner competed with his brother, Rick Steiner, in tag team wrestling, competing in the WCW, WWE, and Extreme Championship Wrestling. "Big Poppa Pump" started his singles career in 1998 and has competed in the WWE, independents and IMPACT Wrestling over the years. Fightful notes that he most recently competed in the NWA National Heavyweight Championship in January.