Watch: Saints' Cam Jordan Throws a Mean Elbow at Panthers' Kyle Allen

With Cleveland Browns defender Myles Garrett serving out an indefinite suspension following his hit on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, there is extra attention being paid to anything that could be considered dirty. Players are under extra scrutiny as the league attempts to clean up the onfield actions. Now Saints defender Cameron Jordan may be receiving a punishment following a hit on Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen.

Sunday afternoon, the two NFC South teams battled for a key victory in the division. There were big plays made by both rosters, but the biggest head-turning moment came when Jordan ran up and threw his elbow into the helmet of Allen.

The incident in question occurred when Saints linebacker Demario Davis wrapped up Allen and began driving him backward. The play was blown dead by the referee, at which point Jordan ran up and hit Allen in the helmet with his elbow.

There were some discussions following the play in which some people tried to determine if this was a purposely dirty hit or a side effect of something else. For some, it appeared that Jordan was actually trying to punch out the ball, but he simply missed his intended target.

Whether or not this is accurate, it's very possible that the league will be sending a FedEx envelope to Jordan this week, notifying him of a fine for this hit. Depending on how the league interprets this play, Jordan could be fined $21,056-$42,115 for roughing the passer. He could also be docked $28,075-$56,156 if this is considered a hit on a defenseless player.

Players subject to accountability measures receive a letter informing them of what they did, a video of the play in question, why they are being fined and how much it will cost them. They also receive information on how to appeal the fine. If they choose not to appeal, the fine is withheld from their next game check.

If the league does indeed fine Jordan, he will be given the opportunity to appeal the ruling. This would set up a meeting with one of the independent officers in Derrick Brooks or James Thrash. There is no process to decide which officer will hear the appeal. The cases are assigned on a randomized basis.

There is a possibility that Jordan will not be fined for this hit on Allen, but it's less likely given the emphasis on player safety, as well as the recent events from the Steelers and Browns brawl.


Photo Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty