Sacramento Kings' Nemanja Bjelica Drops F-Bomb on Live TV in Post-Game Interview

Sacramento Kings player Nemanja Bjelica led the team to a big win on Monday night and then he won over the fans after what he said on a post-game interview. The star player from Serbia hit a big three-point shot in the 119-118 win over the Houston Rockets. Once the game was over Bjelica expressed how every Kings fan felt based on the way the team played.

"F— it. We deserve this win, man," he said as he walked off the court.

That led to a number of fans show love to Bjelica on Twitter. One fan wrote: "I need the tshirt asapppp."

"Season motto from here on out," another fan wrote.

"That “GAME HAD ENDED” popped up so quick," a third fan wrote when talking about the live feed.

Kings head coach Luke Walton heard what Bjelica had to say and he realized that he was excited about the win.

“I have not,” Walton said to the Sacramento Bee when asked about Bjelica's language. “But listen, it’s an emotional game and that was a big shot. It’s part of the beauty of sports. When you’re emotional, things come out.”

Bjelica realized what he said and he did apologize for his language.

“I know I am not allowed to curse,” Bjelica told the Sacramento Bee. “So I apologize for that, but in that moment I was so happy for me and my teammates.”

But as it was mentioned, fans are not mad at him and they even started coming up with shirts with the new "slogan."

“Maybe I will try to find those shirts,” Bjelica said. “I like that. I’m not a guy for that. I don’t like attention so much, but it’s good.”


Bjelica has been with the Kings since 2018 and he was originally drafted by the Washington Wizards in the second round back in 2010. His draft rights were then traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves and played with the team from 2015-2018. He has been playing professional basketball since 2007 and he spent eight years playing in Europe before making his NBA debut.

"He is a player who is much more effective with the ball in his hands where he can be the facilitator and create plays for teammates and himself, his success at the next level could be heavily influenced on how much freedom he is given to operate with the ball," said.