Ryan Newman Crash: Krissie Newman Gushes Over Daughters at Dance Competition, Admits 'Dancing Always Makes You Feel Better'

Following NASCAR driver Ryan Newman's intense Daytona 500 crash last week, his wife Krissie is gushing over their daughters at a dance competition. Newman survived the accident and has since been released from the hospital, hoping now to get back to his normal life. In a post on Twitter, Krissie shared photos from the dance competition, which show the young competitors smiling and posing in their dance outfits. Newman and Krissie share two daughters together, and had previously announced that they were splitting up, but the nature of their relationship in the wake of the crash is unknown.

Many have since commented on Krissie's post, with one user writing, "Your daughters are getting so big, and so pretty. Very nice photos. Enjoy them Krissie, as they get big so fast..Boom! and there young ladies looking at the boys!!!! Stay well."

"Adorable girls you have, so precious and cute little ladies. So happy to see pictures of your family @NewmanKrissie and #RyanJNewman. Hoping you are all doing well. Be well, lots of love to all of you," commented another user.

"You are an amazing woman with an incredible family. Respect to you Krissie," wrote someone else.

"They r growing up sooo fast! Pretty ladies just like their Mum! Sending u love," offered one other fan.

Following the frightening crash, Newman was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries. His condition was said to be serious, but not life-threatening.

After a few days, he'd made a lot of progress, and was back up on his feet. Once doctors determined that he was in the clear, they discharged him.


He has since spoken about his injuries, saying that he did sustain damage to his head, but that his doctors feel confident he's on his way to making a full recovery.