Russell Wilson and Ciara Join Investment Group to Own Seattle Sounders MLS Team

Russell Wilson and Ciara just made a big move in the sports world. On Tuesday, the MLS soccer team, the Seattle Sounders, announced that Wilson and Ciara are part of the team's ownership group. The star NFL quarterback and acclaimed R&B singer join 10 other families with Seattle roots to be owners of one of the top franchises in the league. Along with Wilson and Ciara, the Sounders announce hip-hop star Macklemore is part of the ownership group.

"Today we begin another chapter in the story of Seattle Sounders FC, this proud club that means so much to so many people," said Sounders FC Majority Owner Adrian Hanauer on the team's official site. "We are doubling down on this community and growing our local roots even deeper. Sounders FC was born right here in Seattle, and for more than 40 years, the club has forged a meaningful legacy that is deep and far-reaching. Today's news is a testament to what our community has accomplished, as 11 new families have joined with the broader Sounders family as fans and invested stewards of our club."

Wilson announced their involvement on Twitter, saying they're "fired up" about being owners of the Sounders who won the MLS Cup in 2016.

Once the announcement was made, Wilson described how much this means to him.

"Seattle means so much to me and Ciara," he said. "We're fired up about being part of the Sounders for a long, long time, having ownership in the Sounders and continuing to build that winning culture," said Russell Wilson. "When I got here in 2012, Seattle was a place that I felt I could call home forever. And obviously because of the Seahawks, and now because of the Sounders, it makes that really come to life. This city is a special place. The Pacific Northwest is a place we love and we get to raise our kids here and have a lot of fun while doing it. We want to bring the best soccer players in the world right here to Seattle."

Ciara added she's happy their kids are part of this big move.

"This is not only a special moment for Russ and I, but for our kids as well," she said. "When we walked into the building and our kids were running around with their names on their little jerseys, it meant a lot for so many reasons. It's an honor to join the Sounders team and have the unique opportunity to represent female ownership within major league sports. The team has already done some amazing things, but I believe the best is ahead and we're excited to be part of that."


This comes on the heels of Ciara announcing she's the new Creative Director for Nike and Jordan Kids fall apparel at Finishline. As for Wilson, he's currently at work with the rest of the Seattle Seahawks gearing up for the 2019 season. So things are looking really good for the Wilson Family right now.