Rob Gronkowski Has His Hands Full in Holiday Photo With Girlfriend Camille Kostek

The New England Patriots are currently preparing for a season-ending battle with the Miami Dolphins, but retired tight end Rob Gronkowski has been enjoying the holiday season in a different manner. He has been spending time with his girlfriend, Camille Kostek. In fact, a recent collage of photographs shows that Gronkowski still has his hands full despite walking away from the NFL.

To celebrate the holidays, Kostek posted a group of photos that showed her in Gronkowski's arms and in front of a Christmas tree. This is the first Christmas where the tight end hasn't been around the Patriots' facility or thinking about the season since the 2010 NFL Draft. This provided the members of the relationship time to enjoy each other's company.

"Siri play all I want for Christmas is you," Kostek wrote in the caption of the photo, showing off her happiness with the extra time together. Gronkowski also posted one of the photos on his own account, wishing all of the fans happy holidays.

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Without Gronkowski worrying about upcoming games or the playoffs, he and Kostek have been able to enjoy the benefits of being a couple. They have attended Boston Celtics games, visited the New York Stock Exchange, and picked a Christmas tree together. Although there was still plenty of time left for dancing, judging by a video of Gronkowski testing out his cheerleader moves with the Lakers Girls.

This isn't the first time that Gronkowski and Kostek have turned heads together in the past year. They also achieved this last February as the Patriots were celebrating yet another championship ring after defeating the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Kostek was also on hand for the victory parade, joining Gronkowski on a float that soon became known for some wild events. The two sipped some wine to start the event, but that was fairly short-lived. They ditched the glasses in favor of a bottle of wine, and a case of Tide Pods that was thrown from the crowd.

Ultimately, Gronkowski ripped off his shirt and donned a high-visibility safety vest before he and Kostek danced together on the float. The soon-to-be-retired tight end also drew some attention for his hand placement during the celebration.


Since that public celebration, the attention on Gronkowski and Kostek has lessened a bit, but that hasn't changed their approach to life. They are still enjoying each other, the holiday season and numerous adventures.

(Photo Credit: Billie Weiss/Getty Images)