Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend, Camille Kostek Says 'He's Done' Playing Football

Rob Gronkowski has said he has no plans returning to the NFL, but there are still some experts that believe he will be back on the field in the very near future — including girlfriend, Camille Kostek, who has let everyone know what's really going on. TMZ caught up the 27-year-old model, who was asked if Gronk has plans to return to the NFL after retiring last season.

"He's said like a hundred times that he's not coming back but everybody still asks, so, I don't know what to tell you any more!" Kostek said, before adding that "he's done" after they persisted with inquiring if he'd be in a uniform next year.

That's not good news for Patriots fans who are not happy with the team right now because they have lost three of their last five games, and the offense is struggling as they are averaging 17.6 points per contest. But as much as Gronkowski loves the game, he wants to get healthy before he considers making a comeback.

"I just wasn't feeling like myself anymore," Gronkowski said in an interview with CBS News. "That's basically the main reason. The lifestyle caught up to me and I was just fighting my way through the last two years. It wasn't enjoyable anymore. I just knew that's when it's time to go – and walk away."

Before the Patriots' struggles, Tom Brady was asked if he would try to get Gronkowski to comeback. As much as Brady loves Gronk, he's wasn't about to mess with his retired life.


"Look, I love that guy. I am so happy that he's enjoying his time. I am happy that he's enjoying his life." Brady said. "He seems to really be doing a lot of great things. He knows how I feel about him. I want what is best for him. He's the only person that can make those decisions. I don't lobby for those things."

When it comes down to it, Gronkowski has nothing to prove when it comes to his NFL career. In his nine seasons with the Patriots, Gronkowski was named to the Pro Bowl five times and to the All-Pro First Team four times. He has also helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl in 2014, 2016 and 2018.