Richard Sherman Says 'My Bad' to Baker Mayfield for Handshake Controversy

Tuesday afternoon, the NFL was full of stories about San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard [...]

Tuesday afternoon, the NFL was full of stories about San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman and comments he had made about quarterback Baker Mayfield not shaking his hand. The entire storyline took some turns as different videos surfaced of the pair, and now Sherman is seemingly clearing the air, while also saying "my bad" to the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Sherman appeared on the Pat McAfee Show on DAZN Wednesday morning to discuss "DapGate." This was his opportunity to clarify comments that had been painted as outright lies on social media. Specifically, McAfee wanted to know if an apology was appropriate after a day spent breaking down handshake videos.

"It's gonna be a bit of both," Sherman said. "It's definitely my bad. You know, I never want anybody to have to deal with some s— that they didn't do. The questions that he's gonna get and the annoying, nonsense questions about some stuff that happened in a game that's already been done. Sure, he'll get an apology for that."

The 49ers cornerback had originally accused Mayfield of not shaking his hand before the game, but he changed his comments once footage surfaced of an actual "dap." At that point, Sherman said that it was the way Mayfield shook his hand that was the source of frustration.

As he explained, Sherman planned on reaching out to Mayfield via text or DM on social media, which would provide him with the opportunity to clear the air about this entire situation.

Interestingly enough, the story sort of ended at that point. Sherman changed the conversation to McAfee's term for this controversy and left the discussion with him saying "my bad" for bringing this headache to Mayfield.

Now that Sherman has said "my bad" to the Browns quarterback, how will Mayfield respond? He has an upcoming game with the Seattle Seahawks and will inevitably be asked about this "DapGate" during press conferences. Will Mayfield let the situation go, or will he respond with some fiery comments about his past opponent?

Sherman may want this scenario to be over, but there is a scenario in which this handshake continues to be discussed in the coming days. Mayfield is known for responding to his critics when given the opportunity, and media members will certainly provide just that.

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/Getty