Ric Flair's Wife Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Ric Flair's wife, Wendy Barlow, has tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the New York Post, Barlow is currently sick with the virus, and it comes on the heels of Flair being spotted at a Starbucks in Georgia without a mask. One source told The Post Flair contracted COVID-19 as he tested positive last week. Flair has denied the claim.

"My wife does [have the virus]… we live in a 5,000 square foot home," Flair said. "I live in the basement. She lives upstairs on the third floor, and she got sick." The New York Post attempted to ask Flair about being seen at Starbucks, but he hung up before the question was brought to his attention. And when The Post sent Flair text messages asking about his health, he wrote, "health is excellent."

One source said Barlow is very ill, while Flair is asymptomatic. Back in April, Flair posted a video on his Facebook account where he encouraged his followers to stay at home. "Telling you, asking you, to stay home and stop the spread and to thank all of the people in the world of medicine today that are working to bring this virus to an end," Flair said. "Let's do this together! Stay home and stop the spread!"

If Flair does have the coronavirus, it's likely he could have gotten it from the WWE Performance Center as he's been on Raw working with Randy Orton for the last few weeks. Flair did not appear on Raw on Monday night, and it's likely he won't be on next week's episode since both episodes were taped on Monday. The 16-time world champion was recently on Busted Open Radio and defended WWE's COVID testing policy.


"They're doing everything possible to make sure that the kids are being tested, and everybody's wearing a mask," he said. Flair also noted that "It's kind of a stressful thing, but I just have fun with it all." He then stated, "I won't let them (other talents) get 'down' around me, and they don't."

Flair has had health issues in the past, so he does have the virus; it could be dangerous for him, especially with him being 71 years old. Flair recently signed a new contract with WWE and has been supportive of her daughter, Charlotte Flair, who has won 12 championships in her WWE career.