Ric Flair Shows Support for Georgia Bulldogs

Saturday evening, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will face off for one of the most anticipated battles of the season. These two teams are among the NCAA's best and will be showcasing their abilities on the national stage. Whichever team comes out victorious will have an added advantage as the playoff seeding begins to take shape.

Of course, achieving victory will be no small task, and each team will have to gain whatever advantage they can. The Georgia Bulldogs are well aware of this fact, as are the hosts of ESPN's College GameDay.

They brought in former professional wrestler Ric Flair to provide his thoughts on the game, and he did not disappoint. The cameras showed him surrounded by Georgia cheerleaders as he repeatedly yelled his trademark "Woooo!" to the crowd.

Of course, Flair's support of Georgia was not a surprise. He has been very vocal about the Athens-based team for years, and he even picked them to win the National Championship in the 2019 season. Whether they can achieve this goal remains to be seen, but knocking off the University of Notre Dame's team will be an important step in this direction.

While Flair has been cheering for the Bulldogs for a very long time, this dedication has not stayed true with his NFL allegiances. He rooted for the St. Louis Rams all year long, including during Super Bowl LIII, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he will be a fan for the future.

Back in January 2014, Flair was actually providing pre-game speeches for the San Francisco 49ers ahead of their playoff matchups with the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers. As a former die-hard Panthers fan, this move by Flair to jump over the 49ers seemed like an utter betrayal to the Carolina fanbase, and they responded with vitriol and death threats.

Following San Francisco's fall from grace and a rotating cast of head coaches, he switched allegiances once again. Instead of cheering for the Panthers or 49ers, Flair became a faithful Falcons fan and even provided speeches for the team during the 2016 training camp. Of course, this timed perfectly with his move to the Atlanta area.


Flair had remained an Atlanta Falcons fan following this speech but once again changed teams during 2018. Flair spent this past season cheering for the Rams as they went on a winning streak, finishing 13-3 in the regular season and taking the second seed in the NFC playoff bracket.

To be fair, it's difficult to tell if Flair is actually a fan of all of these teams or if he is simply helping provide a spark to the players with his speeches. Either way, it's a very interesting timeline. Fortunately, the Georgia Bulldogs do not have to worry about Flair changing his fandom in the coming years. He will continue to root for the Athens favorite, especially if they prove him correct by winning the National Championship.