Randy Orton Reveals Steamy 'Wife Appreciation Day Everyday' Photos With Kim

Professional wrestler Randy Orton is a heel in the ring, and fans love to root against him. However, he is much different away from WWE and proved this with a series of steamy Instagram photos. He expressed adoration for his wife, Kim, while reminiscing about a trip to Jamaica.

Orton posted three photos that showed him and Kim posing together in the bathroom. Two featured them without clothing and posing in a way to avoid causing issues on social media. The professional wrestler had his hands "strategically placed" on Kim's body. In the third photo, Orton covered his nipple with his finger in order to avoid upsetting anyone.

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"I have many flaws. Many. But I believe I am a good man (outside ring, of course) husband, and father," Orton wrote in part on Instagram. "When I miss my fam I look at the 20k photos and videos in my phone and there are so many gems. Found these today, and it brought me back to our family trip to Jamaica. Always a good time when @kim.orton01 is by my side. She not only gives me confidence in myself but a shoulder to cry on if needed. If I need a swift kick in the a—, she gives it to me. I've never laughed or loved so hard with another."

Orton continued to explain that Kim has his back like "no one on earth" and that he falls in love with her more every single day. The photos he posted were from a previous trip to Jamaica, but Orton expressed excitement about their future together. He wants to continue adding hundreds of photos to the album as he and Kim spent the next handful of decades together.

As an example of their relationship together, Kim previously pulled a major prank on Orton. She filmed him opening presents on April Fool's Day, which included a pregnancy test. When the professional wrestler opened the present, he showed a flurry of emotions, including fear and excitement. However, Kim's laughing revealed to Orton that she was simply playing a prank on him. He promised payback for this prank but didn't provide any clues about his upcoming move.


While Kim has previously pulled pranks and tackled Orton with his signature finishing move, that hasn't decreased his adoration. He has continued to express love for his wife and the way she improves his life. He is excited about their future together and will continue to post countless videos and photos.