Raiders QB Derek Carr Promises Playoff Run to Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard

Friday night, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers scored 60 points but watched his team lose to the Brooklyn Nets by a mere four points. Understandably, he was upset about the loss, but Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is on a mission to make his season better. In fact, the sixth-year veteran is even promising a playoff run by Lillard's favorite team.

Following the 60-point game on Friday, Carr sent props Lillard's way but was instead met by the 29-year-old Trail Blazers star expressing frustration about the loss. Although he did quickly switch the conversation to telling Carr and the Raiders to get the playoff run going. As an Oakland native and a Raiders fan with a team tattoo, Lillard wants nothing more than for his team to make a run during the final season in the Bay Area.

If Carr has anything to say about it, the Silver and Black will be heading toward the playoffs, as well as a potential division crown. Although they will have to catch the 6-3 Kansas City Chiefs.

Following a victory over the division-rival Los Angeles Chargers, Carr and the Raiders are sitting at 5-4 with seven games remaining on the schedule. This team was projected to finish 5-11 in 2019 due to the difficult schedule and some of the perceived depth issues on defense, but they have already matched the projected wins and have several winnable games on the schedule.

In the next three weeks, the Raiders will face off with the winless Cincinnati Bengals, the one-win New York Jets, and then the Kansas City Chiefs. Going 2-1 in this stretch is likely, and there is a scenario in which Carr and the Raiders could win all three games. They will then finish off the season with games against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, and Denver Broncos. The Raiders have already defeated both the Chargers and Broncos once this year while the Jaguars and Titans have struggled with consistency.

Finishing the season with a winning record and a spot in the playoffs isn't exactly guaranteed for the Oakland Raiders, but it's entirely possible. If they can achieve this feat, they will make Lillard extremely happy and will create a stronger bond between the NBA star and his favorite NFL team.

For Carr, this will also serve two purposes. Despite leading the 2016 team to a 12-4 record and second place in the AFC West, he has never actually appeared in the postseason. Carr suffered a season-ending injury late in the year and watched his team lose to the Houston Texans.


If he can lead the Silver and Black to the playoffs, the former second-round pick will start his first-ever postseason game and will only help out his friend in Lillard.

Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty