Predators Alum Mike Fisher Reveals Hilarious Lonestar Parody All About Deer Hunting

Former Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher may have a career in music. The husband of country music superstar Carrie Underwood just released a music video for his song called "Amazed." The name of the song is the same name as the hit single by Lonestar and Fisher does a parody of the song as he's talking about deer hunting.

The video is posted on the YouTube Channel called Catchin' Deer and Fisher posted it on his Instagram page. Combined, the video has over 110,000 views and the comments have poured in.

One of the most notable comments came from Underwood and she didn't seem too happy about Fisher's performance by commenting, "Don't make me unfollow you." One fan wrote, "Ha ha ha ha now THAT'S one amaze-ING endorsement!!! Love the hand gestures too!!! Way to go Mike!!! THAT should be on WILD TV! Far more entertaining than what they have now." Another fan wrote, "And we thought Carrie was the entertainer in the family..." And another fan wrote, "NEED. A. CARRIE. DUET. ASAP."

Fisher has been having a lot of fun with his family since retiring from pro hockey last year. He played for the Predators from 2010-2018, but he was also a member of the Ottawa Senators from 1990-2004, 2005-2010.

"I'm so grateful for the last 18 years," Fisher shared on Instagram, along with a photo of him holding his three-year-old son, Isaiah when he retired. "It's hard to believe how fast the time goes. I got the chance to play and work with so many incredible people along the way. God taught me some incredible life lessons through the game of hockey over the years and without the gift He gave me none of this would have been possible. Thanks to the [Predators] and [Senators] for all the amazing memories! Lastly thanks to my friends and family for supporting me over the years. It's been a blast!! [Romans 1212]"

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Along with making music videos, Fisher became an American citizen earlier this year. And back in October, Fisher and Underwood celebrated their 11th anniversary of meeting each other.

"11 years ago yesterday, I met the love of my life...patient, kind, the best dad, handsome, of course!" Underwood wrote on her Instagram page at the time. "Someone who accepts me and all my flaws...the same as me in many ways...opposite in some. But he is my match. The iron to sharpen me....tonight we celebrated at [Del Posto]. A rare night out with amazing food and even more amazing company and conversation. Here's to so many more years together. Love you, babe!"