PGA's Bryson DeChambeau Botches Par-5 Hole With Quintuple Bogey

Professional golfers are taking part in the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide and showing off their skills. However, Bryson DeChambeau struggled mightily on one of Friday's holes. He set out on hole 15 trying to make par, which was five strokes but finished with double digits.

The entire hole took DeChambeau 26 minutes to complete, which included four commercial breaks. He shanked his first shot off the tee into trees on the left side of the fairway, kicking off a string of errors. DeChambeau proceeded to hit two consecutive shots out of bounds before landing a third near the green. The professional golfer then argued with the officials about one of his previous shots, which he said was not out of bounds. DeChambeau ultimately finished with multiple putts, giving him a total of 10 strokes.

"Bryson DeChambeau is about to post a 10 on a hole. I don't know the feeling of hitting a drive 400 yards, but I do know the feeling of posting a 10 on a hole," one golf fan tweeted after watching the 15th hole. Several others commented, expressing the opinion that this "meltdown" was worth the price of admission. One person even wanted to make the incident into a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

According to the Golf Channel, the disagreement with the officials began when DeChambeau saw his ball lying against an iron fence. He insisted that this ball was in bounds and asked the official for a ruling, who told him otherwise. "I don't believe that," DeChambeau responded. "Can I get a second opinion, please?"


A second rule official also weighed in on the situation and declared the ball out of bounds. DeChambeau lobbied for a different decision while referencing a Phil Mickelson shot from a Bay Hill hole. "From my perspective, that would be technically still in," DeChambeau said. "I was wondering if I could hop the fence and hit it?"

When the officials did not change their ruling, DeChambeau picked up his ball in disgust. Bystanders also heard him mutter to himself: "They’re giving me a garbage ruling like usual." He then hit shot No. 8 onto the green, setting the stage for two putts and his 10-stroke finish. DeChambeau later declined interview requests before leaving the course.