Watch: Peyton Manning Throws out the First Pitch at the MLB All-Star Game

Peyton Manning could be making a comeback as an MLB pitcher. The former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback was at Coors Field in Denver on Tuesday night to throw out the first pitch at the 2021 MLB All-Star Game. He was wearing a Larry Walker Colorado Rockies Jersey, and when he threw the pitch, the ball failed to get over home plate.

The not-so-great first pitch led to some interesting responses on social media. One fan wrote: "I don't understand how professional athletes can't do what a relatively/below average 13-year-old athlete does 70 times a game." There were other fans who didn't understand why Manning threw out the first pitch since he never played pro baseball. There were others who believed a Rockies legend should have thrown out the first pitch.

This comes one day after Manning appeared on the MLB Network and touched on a number of topics, including Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. There are rumors that the Denver Broncos are looking to trade for Rodgers, but Manning, who played for Denver from 2012-2015, doesn't see that happening.

"I hope he plays somewhere this year. The fact that Aaron Rodgers might not play this year, I can't fathom it," Manning said. "He's too good of a player, too fun to watch for the fans. I personally hope it's in Green Bay. That's what I see him as. I hope they can make amends and work it out. That is team is so close, if he were to leave there it'd be a major change, obviously, for them. My gut is he's not coming to Denver. My gut is Denver's gonna have Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater be their quarterback. At this point, you've kind got to know what your plan is. You can't be having a new quarterback three weeks before the season."


Manning has had a busy year. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in February and recently launched a new game show with his brother Cooper on NBC called College Bowl. Manning will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame on Aug. 8, one day after the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 is officially inducted after the ceremony was postponed last year.