Paul Wight Reveals If He'll Take on 'Scaredy Cat' Shaquille O'Neal in AEW (Exclusive)

With Paul Wight now being in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after spending years in WWE, fans want to [...]

With Paul Wight now being in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after spending years in WWE, fans want to see him and Shaquille O'Neal go at it in the ring. In June, O'Neal spoke to about facing Wight and said he's ready to take him on "very, very soon." Recently, caught up with Wight, who has a message for O'Neal.

"Oh, big scaredy-cat. Shaquille O'Neal, big scaredy-cat," Wight told PopCulture when asked about the NBA legend. Wight then said that with him being in AEW and O'Neal competing in an AEW match with Cody Rhodes, Red Velvet and Jade Cargill earlier this year, the dream match could happen in the foreseeable future.

"Things are a lot easier to happen at AEW," Wight explained. "I'm not a hard guy to find. He's not a hard guy to find. I think we've shot through personal friends and messages back and forth. If he wants to get a pair of boots and lace them up, I'm more than happy to show him what a real big guy in the ring is. Yeah, I'm excited. I think that's something that's long overdue. I think it needs to happen. I think we should put something on the line, either my career or if I beat him, he has to put me in a Papa John's, Dollar General, an inkjet commercial and a Krispy Kreme commercial. I have to be in all of those, with royalties. Yeah, I think that's fair."

When Wight was in WWE, it was rumored the two would battle at WrestleMania 33 after facing off at WrestleMania 32. It never happened, but at WrestleMania 32, Wight and O'Neal stared each other down at the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and locked up before the rest of the Superstars in the ring eliminated them.

It looks like fans will finally get their wish of Wight vs. O'Neal. And while the two have taken shots at each other, it's all out of love. "That's just me teasing and honestly, to tell you the truth, I love him," Wight stated. "I love what he does because he's just amazing how he's branded himself. How everybody gets a chance to experience his sense of humor and his charm. But, some people should stick to shooting free throws and stay out of the wrestling business."