Patriots' Devin McCourty and Wife Michelle Reveal Daughter Mia Was Stillborn: 'I Cry as I Type This'

New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty and his wife Michelle are mourning the loss of their daughter Mia, which occurred on Memorial Day weekend. On Instagram, the couple announced they lost their child at 8 months pregnant as she was stillborn, Michelle wrote the statement, and she's still understandably upset.

"I cry as I type this. It pains me to announce that this past memorial wknd on May 24, 2020, Dev and I suffered the most painful experience of our lives," Michelle wrote on Instagram. "My pregnancy had resulted in a still birth at almost 8 months of being pregnant — at exactly 31 weeks 2 days when we found out that the baby girl growing inside me no longer had a heart beat after being completely fine the week before at my last doctor's appt. We are so heartbroken. We are devastated. We are speechless. We are angry. We are sad. We are confused. We are numb." Michelle went on to write that she was in 21 hours of labor, and when Mia came out, she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. The couple was able to hold the baby, who was not breathing, and the doctors had no explanation for what happened.

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"I was so angry. So sad," Michelle continued. I had to call my most with-fill friends and support systems to help me deal with this reality. To not allow my anger and hurt to cause me to lose faith altogether." Michelle continued statement by writing: "We do ask that you please push your prayers our way, especially towards our future, as that will be the hardest challenge moving forward.

In the Instagram caption, McCourty wrote how he admired Michelle's strength through this difficult time. "Her strength has brought me to tears but also inspired me to be what God has called me to be," he wrote. McCourty received a ton of responses from his Patriots teammates and his former teammate Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady who wrote: Love you my brother. So sad for you loss! You are in our thoughts and prayers always."

McCourty, 32 has been with the Patriots since 2010 and helped the team win three Super Bowls. He's a two-time Pro Bowler and a member of the Patriots 2010's All-Decade Team. He has a twin brother, Jason, who also plays for the Patriots.