Patrick Mahomes-Themed Face Mask Has the Perfect Social Distancing Message

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking place, there are ongoing discussions about social distancing and wearing protective masks. One Kansas City Chiefs fan is supportive of wearing masks and recently unveiled a special Patrick Mahomes-themed message. The cover's statement said to keep the defending Super Bowl MVP safe by wearing a mask.

The fan posted evidence of the mask on social media. The design itself was simple, with a white background and red text. The message, however, was blunt and forceful. The Chiefs secured a victory in Super Bowl LIV despite having Mahomes miss part of the season with a dislocated knee. The fans don't want him to miss any more time in the future, and they are willing to wear masks to ensure his safety.

"Protect that man at all costs," one Chiefs fan commented on social media. The majority agreed with this statement and pledged to wear their masks to keep Mahomes healthy and ready for a return to the Super Bowl following the 2020 season. Although a few others refused to cooperate. They didn't want to "bow to mask infringement."

The Chiefs have good reasons for wanting to keep Mahomes healthy. The third-year starter was very productive during his first two seasons under center. He led the team to the playoffs during the 2019 season while throwing for more than 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. His season ended one game shy of the Super Bowl, but Mahomes still earned NFL MVP honors.

Mahomes missed two games during the 2020 season due to the knee injury, but he still threw for another 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns with only five interceptions. The team secured a 12-4 record and won the AFC West for the second consecutive season. Once the Chiefs reached the playoffs, they defeated the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans during the AFC playoffs, setting up their ultimate victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.


While the fans have pledged to wear masks to protect Mahomes "at all cost," the defending Super Bowl MVP has done his part as well. He has avoided the general public while remaining in quarantine with his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. During this extended time at home or working privately with trainers, Mahomes has focused on working out and preparing for another grueling NFL season.

As several photos on Instagram prove, Mahomes has spent time pushing sleds with bumper weights loaded on them and taking part in other strenuous workouts. He has posted several pictures and videos as evidence and has tagged a few with a special hashtag to show his goal. "#RunItBack," Mahomes wrote on his most recent post.