Patrick Mahomes' Father Trolls Eagles Fans After Leading Chiefs to Super Bowl Win

The father of Patrick Mahomes took a shot at Philadelphia Eagles fans after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated them in the Super Bowl. Kansas City reporter Aaron Ladd posted a video of Pat Mahomes Sr. walking through the tunnel with a victory cigar in hand. And in the video, the elder Mahomes said "It's Philly Blunts this week!"

The younger Mahomes threw for 182 yards and three touchdowns in the win on Sunday, and it led to him earning the second Super Bowl MVP award of his career. Mahomes Sr., who was an MLB pitcher in the 1990s and 2000s, knew his son was going to be special ever since he was working out with his New York Mets teammates at a young age. 

"I just remember him being so excited to go to the yard every day," Pat Mahomes Sr. told the New York Post earlier this month. "I'd have to hold him back just so I could get in the car before we left because he was ready to get out there. And he'd get there to the clubhouse, get his uniform on, and he'd be one of the first guys out on the field, and of course, I had to play catch and all that."  

Mahomes Sr. went on to talk about his son's days of playing baseball. "His first practice he was playing shortstop, he threw the ball across the diamond and hit the first baseman right between the eyes, broke his glasses," he continued, "so they told him to start throwing the ball three-quarters of the way and then it rolled there. But I wouldn't let him do that, so I told 'em just to move him to first base, so he became a big fan of all first basemen."

Mahomes Sr., 52, Was in the MLB from 1992-2003. He spent the majority of his time with the Minnesota Twins but also played for the Boston Red Sox, Mets, Texas Rangers Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. In his MLB carer, Mahones Sr. posted a 42-39 record with a 5.47 ERA and 452 strikeouts.

Patrick Mahomes was selected in the 2014 MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers but didn't sign a contract as he played college football at Texas Tech. He was selected No. 10 overall by the Chiefs in 2017 and became the starter in 2018. From there, Mahomes has won two Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVPs and two NFL MVPs.