Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs QB's Take on the George Zimmerman Trial Resurfaces, Draws Major Backlash

Patrick Mahomes is getting ready for one of the biggest games in his young career as the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. However, social media is attempting to attack Mahomes because of something he tweeted seven years ago. Per, an old tweet by Mahomes resurfaced as he talking about the George Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman was on trial for the death of Travon Martin, a black teenager who was gunned down which Zimmerman admitted to doing. Zimmerman claimed it was self-defense and he was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

"This case was an absolute horrible tragedy, however there was no criminal activity that occurred,"Mahomes wrote in the Tweet that was dated in 2013. "No one knows what actually happens which is why he is not guilty but a crime could have occurred." He then added in a separate tweet which said: "Stop resisting or assaulting a cop."

That led to a number of Twitter users going after Mahomes for the seven-year-old tweet.

"clown if he believes George Zimmerman is not guilty !! I don't give a f— about his athletic abilities. Anyone that supports racism or ignorant bigotry is a b— no matter what!! If not then congrats!" one Twitter user wrote.

"I have a question," another fan tweeted. "Would I be wrong to stop rooting for Patrick Mahomes after I found out about his old tweets in which they look like he's defending George Zimmerman?"


Zimmerman fatally shot Martin on February 26, 2012, after reporting suspicious behavior by the teen. Officers told Zimmerman not to follow Martin during the 911 call, but he did not listen to their orders which led to the shooting. He was acquitted of the murder charges in July 2013.

It's unlikely Mahomes will comment on the recent social media attacks on him because the tweets are old and the case has been over for a long time. Also, the Chiefs are in a position to reach their first Super Bowl since 1969, so Mahomes is 100 percent focused on Sunday.