Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Share First Photo of Baby Bronze's Face After Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes just led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl title and is now celebrating with his family. The Chiefs quarterback and his wife, Brittany, went to Instagram to share a photo of the entire family which includes their daughter, Sterling and their son, Bronze. This is the first time the couple has shown Bronze's face on social media as he was born in November.

"Welcome to the happiest place on earth, Bronze and Sterling!" the couple wrote in the post that was published on Monday. The photo was taken at Disneyland, and the family was celebrating the Chiefs' 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Mahomes is featured in the Disneyland post-Super Bowl commercial that has been a tradition since 1987. 

Shortly after Bronze was born, Mahomes appeared on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City and talked about the birth of his son. "It worked out well because you get the family in for Thanksgiving weekend and having a game," he said. "So you go to Thanksgiving and get to watch a lot of football, and you play, you win a football game, and then your family is in town whenever you have your baby boy, so it's been a wild ride the last few days, but we're back at home and ready for the football game this weekend." 

Mahomes also talked about Sterling being a big sister. "She's figuring it out. She wants to hold him, and take care of him, and everything like that," Mahomes added. "I think the only thing that she hasn't figured out yet is why mom has someone else that's not her she's holding all the time, so she's figuring that part out, but other than that she loves her little brother. She wants to play all day, and we have to tell her to be gentle. And we have to tell her to don't throw him like a toy baby." 

As Mahomes' family continues to grow, his NFL legacy is also getting bigger. In six seasons with the Chiefs (five as a starting quarterback), Mahomes has led the team to three Super Bowl appearances with two Super Bowl wins. He has also won two Super Bowl MVPs, two NFL MVPs and has been named to the Pro Bowl five times.