Paige VanZant Reveals When She Wants to Join WWE (Exclusive)

Paige VanZant will take on Rachael Ostovich at BKFC 19 this Friday, and when the match comes to an end, she is set to have two more fights with the promotion. It's possible VanZant could stay with BKFC after the contract expires, but we could also see her in WWE down the road. In an exclusive interview with, VanZant talks about keeping up with what's going in WWE and when she could join the promotion.

"I am a fan, and I do follow them," VanZant said to PopCulture. "Obviously, the door is open there. I love the idea of competing and being a part of their organization because they are so amazing. But I feel like the commitment there, it's a full-time job with the athletes for the WWE.

"What they do is extremely amazing. It's pure talent. But I feel like it's a full-time job. You can't be half in, half out. And right now, I do have to be in BKFC and combat sports. So I feel like eventually in my career, I feel like the opportunity will definitely still be there. And I feel like there's interest on both sides, so maybe later down the road. But right now, I am focused on just bare-knuckle boxing."

With WWE, the Superstars are normally on the road for 300 days out of the years traveling from city to city. For nearly the last year and a half, WWE had their shows in Florida in front of no fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the company has gotten back on the road, and it has led to new Superstars making their debut.

VanZant would make a good addition to an already strong women's division. As far as who fans would want her to face, former UFC star Ronda Rousey seems like the most likely choice. Rousey, who hasn't appeared on WWE TV since 2019, had a memorable run, winning the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam in 2018 and holding onto the title for 231 days, the second-longest reign in history behind Becky Lynch. Rousey is currently pregnant but will make a return to WWE when the time is right. VanZant said if she and Rousey are in WWE at the same time, she's up for a match.


"I'm not really sure how WWE works as far as behind the scenes," VanZant said. "So I would be curious to the trajectory that they would plan for me. So I'm really open to whatever, whatever plan they would have. And I think that, obviously, if that were to happen down the road, the conversation with them, I'd be curious about how they would go, too."