Paige Spiranac Says Man Harassed Her During Latest Golf Outing

Paige Spiranac revealed that a man harassed her during a recent golf outing. On Twitter, the [...]

Paige Spiranac revealed that a man harassed her during a recent golf outing. On Twitter, the former golf star announced that someone yelled out a derogatory word at her while she was practicing. She then sent a message for those who want to yell things at her.

"I was just minding my business hitting golf balls and someone yelled 'w—' at me," Spiranac wrote. "Let's just stick with mashed potatoes next time." One person replied to the tweet saying he couldn't imagine what his reaction would be if he saw someone yelling that at her.

"Men will force themselves sexually on women without consent," Spiranac replied to the Twitter user. "This is tame compared to all the harassment and assault women face all the time. Unfortunately more women have stories like this and worse."

For those who don't know about the "mashed potatoes" phrase, it's something that is yelled out at a golfer after hitting a shot. According to Metro, golf fan Andrew Widmar yelled it out at the Chevron World Championship in 2011. However, Widmar admitted he wasn't the one who came up with the phrase.

'I'd seen it before on YouTube," he said. "My friends thought it was stupid, but I thought it was hilarious. … I wish I could take credit for starting it, but I will take credit for it becoming popular. It's a good one to yell, because it's nice and quick and it means absolutely nothing." Spiranac has dealt with different obstacles because of her physical appearance throughout her entire career. She has talked candidly about people in the gold world treating her differently because of how she looked.

"I wanted to help this charity out, and I wanted to give them free golf clubs," Spiranac said on her Playing A Round podcast last year. "The guy wrote back and said, 'We would love to but, because of the way our board members view you, you can't help out.' "I want to give back to these kids who don't have anything, because I grew up not having anything, and I can't even f–ing do that because of my cleavage. We bond over having a common interest and we all love the same thing … I don't understand why it matters if you're wearing a polo (shirt) and I'm not wearing a polo."