Paige Spiranac Compares COVID-19 Testing to NSFW Act

Paige Spiranac had an interesting way of looking at COVID-19 testing. On a recent episode of her podcast Playing A Round, the social media personality and golf pro discussed getting tested for COVID-19 with co-host Josh Temple. Spiranac, 27, compared the test to a sexual act.

“There’s one that you can just do your mouth, and that one actually is most unpleasant for me. Like, they count 20 seconds where they swirl it around in the back of your mouth," Temple said, as reported by the New York Post. That led to Spiranac replying that now Temple knows "how women feel all the time." Temple wanted Spiranac to elaborate, and she then explained why COVID-19 sounds familiar.

“I think it’s pretty self-explanatory,” she said. "Guys are such p—. They have like something in their mouth and they’re like, 'Oh no, oh, that’s so uncomfortable.' Meanwhile, girls are having their like heads like thrusted down, guy’s like, 'That feels amazing.'" Spiranac might be comfortable talking about sexual acts, but that doesn't mean she's going to open up about her love life. In a December episode of her podcast, Spiranac revealed why she stays quiet about her relationship status.

“I get this question a lot, and I refuse to answer that and I have my reason,” she stated. “I think a lot of people think I don’t talk about it because of my business, and if I say that I’m with someone or I’m married, then I’ll lose male followers. And that’s actually not the case.” She went to say that if she keeps her relationship status private she won't have to talk about a breakup.

"If I do post about it, and I end up breaking up with that person, I then have to talk about the breakup ’cause I owe that to everyone because I made my relationship public," Spiranac said. "When a big milestone has happened in my life, it’s always turned into something that is not joyous anymore because people comment on it and they turn it into something that’s it not, and so I just want to leave my relationship and my family and things that are really, really, really important to me out of it." It's been reported that Spiranac married Steve Tinoco in 2018.