Odell Beckham Jr. Is Wearing Grinch Cleats Complete for Christmas, and Twitter Is Lighting Up

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham is often the center of discussion due to the outfits he wears during pre-game warmups. Sunday was no different as OBJ turned heads with his choice of cleats. The Browns have orange as a primary color in their uniforms, but Beckham was wearing Grinch-inspired green cleats.

As many photos on Twitter showed, Beckham was wearing bright green cleats that featured red and white trim. This candy cane-themed design spelled out his initials, following a trend with his other footwear choices throughout the season.

Due to the NFL's strict rules about footwear, Beckham was not allowed to don the holiday cleats during the game. However, he still turned heads while roaming around the field as part of his warmup routine.

(Photo: Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As it was revealed, the Grinch-inspired cleats were Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3s. Each one featured material to resemble the Grinch's fur. To complete his ensemble, Beckham even had matching green gloves to truly put Browns fans in the holiday spirit.

"[Odell] if you ever need to get rid of these I'll be here and I'll take good care of em!" one fan wrote on Twitter. Others responded by writing that the cleats were fire. Others were excited about the fact that little lights twinkled on a regular basis.

While the former New York Giants star has not been quite as productive as expected since being traded to Cleveland, he has brought considerable entertainment to the fanbase. Some users on Twitter even revealed that they purposely tune into Browns games just to see what cleats will be worn by Beckham each and every week.

As evidence of this fact, Beckham once wore goat hair cleats prior to a game against the New England Patriots. These custom kicks, which also had his initials on the sides, were designed to be a gift for Patriots QB Tom Brady, but Beckham put them on display while warming up for the battle.

Of course, there were some members of the fanbase that were unhappy about the cleats that were worn by Beckham. They felt that he should have been more focused on scoring touchdowns and winning games.

"Why should I care about the cleats from a guy who has 2 TDs?" one user wrote.

There were certainly split opinions about Beckham and the cleats he wore on Sunday, but the majority of fans were excited about the Grinch-inspired kicks. They felt it was an entertaining decision that spiced up the holiday season.


Photo Credit: Kirk Irwin/Getty