Odell Beckham Jr. Shares Emotional Moment With Deebo Samuel During NFC Championship Celebration

Odell Beckham Jr. is heading to the Super Bowl after helping the Los Angeles Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 in the NFC Championship Game. But before he could celebrate with his teammates, the star wide receiver shared an emotional moment with 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Beckham went to the 49ers bench to console Samuel who was very upset. The moment was captured by the Fox broadcast cameras and was then shared on social media. 

Based on the final score, both teams gave everything they had. Samuel was the MVP of the 49ers in 2021 as he finished the season with 77 receptions for 1,405 yards and six touchdowns while also rushing for 365 yards and eight touchdowns. In the NFC Championship Game, Samuel caught four passes for 72 yards and one touchdown while rushing for 26 yards. 

"To be honest with you, I don't even remember," Samuel said wh asked by reporters what Beckham said to him, per 49ers WebZone. "I was so upset and kind of really wasn't paying attention. But I'll try to chat with him later on." Samuel then said, "The only thing that was going through my head was we just lost the game."

Beckham signed with the Rams in November after being waived by the Cleveland Browns. In eight regular-season games with the Rams, Beckham caught 27 passes for 305 yards and five touchdowns. And in the NFC Championship game, Beckham had a huge night, catching nine passes for 113 yards. 

"Everything about this place is right, and it's done right," Beckham said, per ESPN. "It's just been an incredible opportunity that I feel like I'm just trying to make the most of. Here we are playing in the Super Bowl, one game away from our dreams. Just keep going."  For the Rams, this is the second time in four seasons they will be playing in the Super Bowl. But what makes this year's Super Bowl trip special is they will play the game at SoFi Stadium, which is their home field. 

"To be able to play at home in this house that Stan Kroenke built, this iconic venue, is really unique," Rams head coach Sean McVay said. "A little bit easier travel schedule for us since we traveled all over the country during the course of the year. ... Just so happy with this group. Proud to be associated with it."