NFL Sideline Reporter Jane Slater Reveals She Discovered Boyfriend Was Cheating Due to Fitbit

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater recently shined a light into her personal life during a debate about the viral Peloton advertisement in which a husband buys his wife an exercise bike for Christmas. Fellow NFL reporter Albert Breer had revealed that he bought his wife an exercise bike, which she appreciated, and then Slater told her own story about a fitness-centric present. However, her story ended with a cheating boyfriend.

As she explained on Twitter, Slater's ex had purchased Fitbits for them. The reporter was excited about this at first due it providing the opportunity to attack fitness and improved health as a couple, but the situation grew ugly when the ex-boyfriend was unaccounted for during the early hours of the morning.

"I loved it," Slater wrote on Twitter. "Didn't hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app. Wish the story wasn't real."

To add further clarification on social media, Slater also said that her ex-boyfriend hadn't signed up for a membership at Orange Theory Fitness.

Interestingly enough, this story actually had some side effects as a different ex-boyfriend was on the receiving end of multiple group texts asking about this situation. Slater had to clarify that this ex, who is based in Austin, was not the one that had committed the infidelity.

As expected, this revelation on social media generated a wild number of responses. Some tried to defend the ex-boyfriend by saying that he potentially had started running routes before the sun began to rise. Maybe the ex was a former football player that just wanted to make sure his skills weren't waning.

The vast majority, however, were users on social media that were grateful for Slater's honesty on this public app. Some even revealed that she was not the only one that had dealt with a level of infidelity and had discovered it through a piece of fitness gear.

"Jane! My ex husband got caught in an affair because he was wearing the training watch and heartbeat monitor my mom bought him for Christmas - while 'running'. It was the under-one-minute heart rate spike that confirmed things for me!" a user wrote on social media.


As it turns out, this may have been a very unpleasant situation for the NFL reporter, but she has found the humor in recent years. She later said that one of her friends had said that this infidelity would be laughed at as time moved on, which is what happened, per Slater.

Photo Credit: Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service