NFL Is Reportedly 'Moving on' From Colin Kaepernick, and Twitter Has Thoughts

In mid-November, the NFL revealed that they would be hosting a workout in Atlanta, Georgia, for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. However, the day didn't pan out as expected as Kaepernick moved the workout to a different location shortly before the planned start time. NFL commissioner has since been asked about this workout, as well as Kaepernick remaining unemployed, and he has said that the league is "moving on."

Speaking with reporters at the December League Meetings in Texas, Goodell said that this workout was about "opportunity" and that it was “a credible opportunity." The commissioner also said that Kaepernick "chose not to take it, and I understand that.”

At this point in time, Goodell says that the league has moved on and will be focusing on other things. As expected, this was met with considerable criticism from those that support Kaepernick and dislike the commissioner.

While there were many fans on Twitter that simply said that they are tired of this story, many others voiced the opinion that the NFL "did Kap dirty" and that this wasn't a legitimate opportunity for him to make a return to the league.

Instead of working out at the Atlanta Falcons facility in front of 25 teams, Kaepernick moved the throwing session to Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia. Only eight teams were on hand to evaluate him due to the sudden change in location, which caused some concern among football teams about his future in the league.

"Goodell has had that talking point in his drafts for months," one fan wrote. Another simply wondered about whether or not it was legal for Goodell to say that the league has moved on.

"Why can’t a team work him out. What does he mean the league has moved on. That’s collusion," a Kaepernick fan wrote on Twitter. Technically, Goodell didn't clarify whether he meant the league office or all 32 teams when he said that they had moved on after the workout.

"Funny and telling how he had to use the word credible the second was everything but...." one fan added to the conversation.


Following the comments by Goodell, it seems that a return to the league is not possible for Kaepernick. An opportunity could still arise, but many of the quarterback's fans find it suspicious that the league has reportedly "moved on" after the workout dysfunction.

(Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty)