NFL Is 'Closely Monitoring' Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has started to spread across the US and it could lead to cancellations of sporting events depending on how bad things get in the next few weeks and/or months. The NFL is currently in its offseason, but that doesn't mean the 2020 season isn't in danger. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said the league is "closely monitoring developments" related to the coronavirus. The league will continue to monitor as the months go by.

"We are closely monitoring developments and have been in contact with The World Health Organization, CDC and the NFL-NFLPA medical experts at the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON) Program for Infection Prevention," the statement read per "We will continue those discussions throughout our offseason."

According to the New York Times, there are over 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in 15 different states and at least six people have died from the virus. The New York Times revealed the symptoms of having coronavirus and what you should do if you feel sick.

"Symptoms of the infection include fever, cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, and gastrointestinal problems or diarrhea," The New York Times wrote. "Serious cases cause lung lesions and pneumonia. But milder cases may resemble the flu or a cold, making detection difficult."

"...If you think you're sick, stay home, except to get medical care. If you have symptoms, the C.D.C recommends that you call a medical professional if you have recently been in an area with a coronavirus outbreak, or have had close contact with someone who has been to such an area."


With the Combine coming to an end, the NFL continues to stay busy. Pro Days at college campuses across the country begin this week and this is where scouts got to schools to evaluate the top prospects. On March 18, the start of the league year officially begins which means it's the first day of free agency. All eyes will be on Tom Brady as his contract expires that day.

And one of the biggest NFL events during the offseason is the NFL Draft which takes place in Las Vegas from Apr. 23-25. If the coronavirus doesn't slow down by then, it's possible the league will have to postpone the draft which could cause a ripple effect for the entire 2020 season.